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//Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 20th September 2018

Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 20th September 2018

Twitter gives users the option to choose a chronological timeline

We all know that the main social media platforms have changed their algorithms so that the content they deem to be the best and most engaging is shown first in newsfeeds and timelines. The theory is it helps users to see the content which is of most interest to them making the platform more relevant and useful. However, in reality the algorithms don’t always get it right and users have often called for a return of chronological feeds.

It is therefore interesting that this week Twitter have offered users the option they have been asking for; the chance to revert to a chronological timeline if they so choose. This is an interesting move from Twitter and the fact they are reaching out to users shows their intent on growing the popularity of the platform. It will be interesting to see whether people choose to use the option and if they do, how it will impact upon levels of engagement. If Twitter manages to maintain and perhaps even grow engagement through this move, we don’t think it will be long before Facebook and Instagram follow suit.


Facebook gets festive

Whilst it is only September and you might still be reminiscing about your summer holiday there is no doubt about it that any one working in marketing has already mapped out their Christmas sales strategy. To support users with this, Facebook have announced the introduction of a new set of holiday-themed ad options which will help users to present their holiday offerings in a more appealing way. Essentially, they have added some new holiday-themed templates for their dynamic ad overlays, giving you the option to create Black Friday or Christmas specific posts. Whilst it is only really a bit of a face lift and some new graphics there is no doubt that they will stand out more in a news feed which ultimately is one of the key objectives of a good marketing strategy – getting noticed.


Instagram adds new shopping option

We all know that Facebook own Instagram and we all know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform, for now. Indeed, whilst Facebook still holds the title there is no doubt that Instagram is quickly catching up and there could soon be a shift. That said, Facebook needs to look for more ways to monetise Instagram. Whilst you can obviously already advertise on the platform, there are less opportunities for adverts than there are on Facebook so there is a need to be a little more creative. And so we see the introduction of 2 new features this week which will help to facilitate shopping on the platform; shopping tags within Instagram stories and a dedicated shopping channel within its Explore feed. We think with the growth of the Instagram influencer and the desire users have to recreate what they see on their news feeds in their own lives, shopping is set to become an even big part of the platform than it already is.

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