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//Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 27th September 2018

Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 27th September 2018

LinkedIn launches its new Talent Insight recruitment data platform

LinkedIn is already the leading platform for recruitment, so it is not surprising that they are introducing new features to help businesses analysis the ‘talent’ that is out there.

Essentially the tool taps into LinkedIn’s database about career development and professional education enabling HR departments to make more informed and strategic decisions about who they employ. The Talent Pool report gives you an insight into where people with your required skill set are based, who’s currently employing them and what specific skills they have. Meanwhile the Company Report gives you a greater understanding of the talent you have working at your own business and that of your competitors.

Linkedin has access to more than 575 million professionals worldwide so it makes sense for them to introduce new features to help businesses and professionals link up.


Instagram is testing an option to add hashtags without having to include them in the caption.

It is a continual debate in the CGC office, where is the best place for hashtags on Instagram? In the comment or the caption? The data always suggested that the caption was better however as always it is about learning what works best for your business as there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for social media.

This discussion may soon however become irrelevant as reports have been made that Instagram is testing a new ‘Add Hashtag’ field in the post composition process. Put simply, you would click on the field and add in a currently unlimited number of hashtags to be associated with your post although we would expect to see a cap on this in line with Instagram’s current 30 hashtag limit.

It would basically enable the search element of hashtags to remain on the platform without taking away from the aesthetics of the post and caption.

We think it could be a very interesting development and one that we will be watching closely.


Twitter wants your opinion on Policies

Last week we reported that Twitter had given users the option to revert back to a chronological timeline, this week we hear they are giving users the opportunity to have their say in the development of the platform’s policies. We feel this is a slightly idealistic idea from Twitter, yes in theory if everyone works together it could be a better platform but that is essentially the problem. Trying to get millions of users to all give their opinion is going to cause diversions and you simply cannot keep everyone happy. And whilst giving users the chance to use their voice might be seen as a positive, if their ideas are not acted upon they will ultimately feel even more ignored. So, whilst we commend Twitter’s attempts to add more unity and ownership, we feel it may simply open Pandora’s box.

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