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//Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 4th October 2018

Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 4th October 2018

Twitter expands in-stream video ads to all regions

A small but interesting update from Twitter this week as advertisers will now be able to reach global audiences with their ad-content which previously was region-restricted. This essentially means an expansion of ad options for businesses which will give brands more targeting tools to help them get the best results from their campaigns.


Facebook’s Redesigned Messenger Layout is available to some users

Whilst promises of a new look Messenger were announced at the F8 conference, things since then seemed to go a little quiet. This week however there have been reports of a new design appearing on Android devices. Its appearance is very different to the Messenger feature that most users have, and it certainly fits in with Facebooks idea to streamline and simplify the app. However, whether it helps Facebook to capitalise on the 1.3 billion users is another matter. It has been widely recognised that Facebook wants to make the app a functional business tool however it still hasn’t quite made it and a new simplified look which makes some features hard to find may not help that.


Facebook publishes report on evolving multi-screen behaviours

It is something we, as a social media agency, are very aware of and the results of this report are no surprise to us. Social media has become an integral part of most peoples lives and people simply have their phones near them most of the time, so it seems logical that when there is a lull in the broadcast e.g. advert breaks people check their phones. In fact, it is not just during the adverts that people pay attention to their phones, they are distracted 28% of the time which rises to 50% when the adverts start. It is also clear from the data that this multi-screen behaviour is a trend more prominent amongst the younger generation who have grown up with social media. It also suggests that more traditional and expensive TV advertising is not as effective with this generation who place more focus and more interest on social media channels which is good news for businesses who use it to advertise.

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