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//Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 15th November 2018

Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 15th November 2018

Could the ability to edit tweets be on the way? 

Whilst many in the CGC offices would absolutely love to see this feature we don’t believe it is one that will be happening anytime soon because there are just too many factors to take into consideration. 

However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey continues to raise hopes that it is firstly possible and secondly could happen. At an event in India over the weekend he seemed to hint that the platform had the capability to allow the function and could see the benefit of it. For example, we have all seen examples when something has been misspelled or the wrong URL link is used, and it is clear to see why people would want the option to be able to amend this copy. 

What brings the issue into contention however is the option to change older tweets, or to completely change the context of a tweet thus creating a situation where those who have retweeted it would no longer agree with the copy within the tweet or want to be aligned with it. 

Perhaps Twitter could create the option to edit within a 5-minute window, giving users the option to quickly identify mistakes. We think this could be a positive move for the platform and one that would be greatly welcomed by users.  

Facebook starts to roll out ‘unsend’ option in messenger 

This week it has been reported that Facebook has started to roll out the ability to remove messages that have been sent on the platform. Users will have 10 minutes to remove the message essentially giving users the chance to correct mistakes they may have made. When removing a message, you will be given two options, ‘Remove from Everyone’ and ‘Remove from You’. The latter is nothing new but the option to remove from everyone is interesting. 

Facebook have made the smart move to keep any deleted messages for a short period of time in case they are reported which should go some way towards monitoring trolls who use the platform to send and then delete messages. 

Some positive news for Facebook 

We are sure many of you will have seen the charity giving tools available on the platform? This week Facebook announced that since their launch in 2015 over $1billion dollars has been raised for non-profit and personal causes. 

Indeed, there are now over 1 million non-profit organisations across 19 countries who can receive donations directly through the platform and 20 million people have donated or started a Facebook fundraiser. 

This is not only good news for the charities, but it is fantastic PR for the company as it really links into their ethos of community connection within the platform. 

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