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//Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 21st November 2018

Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 21st November 2018

Instagram tests new profile changes

This week Instagram announced that they were currently testing a variation of profile formats for business and regular users. The new business profiles appear to have a large number of tabs available at the top to help make the customer experience better for users. For example, there are options for ‘message’, ‘follow’, ‘directions’ and ‘start order’ which should all help the process of buying through the platform, something Instagram is clearly focusing on at the moment. We watch with interest to see whether these changes are implemented for all users.

Instagram launches new crackdown on fake followers

We were very happy to hear the news this week that Instagram is taking steps to eliminate inauthentic followers and likes gained from a third-party tool.

We think this is a very positive move for the platform who are continually striving to provide an authentic and genuine experience for users. It is also important to note that whilst Instagram marketing continues to grow in popularity it is vital that the platform enable more transparency about users to ensure businesses are generating real results from their investment.

LinkedIn appears to be testing its own version of reactions to stories

Whilst LinkedIn have not confirmed any tests or updates, users have reported that they have spotted new features on the platform including Reactions, GIF’s and a new version of stories. The reactions have been tailored to fit the brand and include a clap, a like, insightful, hmm and support and whilst they may not be popular amongst LinkedIn traditionalists we can certainly see the appeal. We will keep you updated with any developments as they happen.

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