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//Social Media Roundup 6th December 2018

Social Media Roundup 6th December 2018

Instagram introduces ‘Chosen Friends’

This week Instagram has introduced a new feature on stories, the option to create a close friends list. This essentially enables users to share their content in a more private way and the platform hope it will encourage users to share more content as they know it is going to a carefully selected audience.

Instagram have ensured that only the user who has created it can see their ‘close friend’ list, a much-needed feature to prevent any awkward conversations! If you have been added to someone’s close list and see one of their stories you will know as you well see a green badge on the story and a green ring around their profile picture in the story tray.

We can see why Instagram has introduced this option, personal sharing is generally down across social media as people become savvier about sharing personal information which is understandable considering the recent data breaches.

From a marketing point of view, it could prove to be very fruitful if it is rolled out to business profiles. Providing the option to share special offers and incentives with key Influencers or product content being sent to specific audience members based on their previous shopping trends is clearly an interesting prospect.

Facebook tests new ‘Comment Quality’ feedback option

For many businesses one of the key ROI they look for is an increasing level of engagement however with recent algorithm changes it has become more challenging to generate high levels of engagement on organic posts. Until now Facebook has attempted to improve this by showing the comments which they believe will prompt further discussion at the top of a post, but the problem has been that at time offensive or critical comments have been the ones shown and this has in fact had a negative impact upon engagement.

To combat this Facebook began testing an up and down vote option so users had a quick way to feedback on what they had read however this feature hasn’t worked in the way it was intended so was never fully rolled out. Facebook has now introduced an option where people can vote about the comments they see rating them on a sliding scale from ‘very high quality’ through to ‘very low quality’. Feedback such as this is always helpful to the platform as it lets them see what users really think about the content on the page. It will be interesting to see whether the data they collect can improve the standard of the comments users are shown and if this will have an impact on engagement levels

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