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//Social Media Roundup 13th December 2018

Social Media Roundup 13th December 2018

Instagram continues to grow


Instagram’s countdown sticker

Counting down to Christmas? Don’t worry, Instagram have you covered with the introduction of their new countdown sticker on Stories.
It’s a fun feature which can and will be used by individuals on the platform, however, it is the options it provides for businesses users which is most exciting. For example, the timer can be used to draw attention to the number of days left in your sale, or how long it is until your new product launches or even the time left before your event starts. Either way, you are giving your followers a set time in which to engage with you or make a transaction.
Even better than that however is the options users have to get a reminder of the countdown and even re-sharing it on their own account. By providing this feature it means that if your followers don’t have time to complete a transaction at that point, they will be reminded at a later date thus bringing them back to your product or event at the optimum time.

Instagram is testing new account features aimed at influential users

We have all seen the huge shift in marketing since the rise of the social media influencer and Instagram continues to be the platform of choice for many, so it is not surprising to hear that they are taking steps to provide influential users with new features.
It essentially means that Instagram is looking to give high profile users a better experience to encourage them to continue posting on the platform and keeping their audiences engaged. The creator specific tools will provide growth insights and direct messaging tools that allow users to filter notes from specific brands and friends. It’s a smart move as keeping the influencers happy keeps other users on the platform.

Google to shut down Google+ four months earlier than planned.

Following the discovery of another bug within the Google+ API’s the company have decided to bring forward the planned date of shut down to April 2019.
Google had long been looking for a way to break into the social media market to enable them to offset the searches they are now losing to the big platforms. For example, there are now nearly 2 billion searches happening on Facebook each day which means 2 billion fewer searches on Google. Google+ was the platforms solution however with the usage of the feature at an all-time low it was only a matter of time before they pulled the plug.

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