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//Social Media Roundup 20th December 2018

Social Media Roundup 20th December 2018

Instagram adds new music sharing option on stories and question stickers for Live

When Facebook finalised their music licensing agreement it was clear they would be looking for ways to utilise it across their platforms and this week we have seen it pop up on Instagram Stories. Users can now share songs with their followers via the question sticker. It’s a fun addition which allows users to respond to questions with a song recommendation which can then be listened to.

The second new development this week was the introduction of question stickers on Instagram Live. The aim of this is to make live videos have a more professional feel as the question stickers can be added to the bottom of the screen whilst the user responds to it. This is particularly beneficial as it means that no matter when a follower joins the Live they will quickly be able to see what is happening and join in.

Twitter rolls out new button to enable users to switch between a chronological and algorithmic timeline.

Twitter announced in September that they were looking to roll out a feature which would enable users to switch between a chronological and algorithmic timeline and now the ‘Sparkle’ button will be available to all users. It gives users the chance to opt out of the algorithm-defined feed instead choosing to see the most recent tweets from those they follow first in the chronological feed. Twitter’s algorithm has been a cause of contention for several years and many felt that it acted against what the platform should be about – giving you the most current and up to date information first. It is important to note that the switch is not a permanent one and users will be returned to the ‘home’ feed when they next visit the platform. This suggests that Twitter does not want users to move towards the chronological feed but recognise the importance of providing them with the option to do so.

Facebook adds new camera tools to Messenger including boomerangs a selfie mode and AR photos.

With the focus on private messaging platforms, it is not surprising that Facebook is looking for ways to increase and improve users experience on Messenger. This week they have added the Boomerang mode, a feature already available on Instagram as well as a selfie mode which places focus on the users face and blurs the background, improving the quality of the image. The final introduction is a new AR element to Messenger with stickers that you can place onto your photos. We can see users enjoying all of these features which in turn will help Facebook to create more opportunities to generate income through the Messenger app.

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