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Social Media Roundup 6th December 2018

Instagram introduces ‘Chosen Friends’ This week Instagram has introduced a new feature on stories, the option to create a close friends list. This essentially enables users to share their content in a more private way and the platform hope it will encourage users to share more content as they know it is going to a carefully selected audience. Instagram have ensured that only the user who has created it can see their ‘close friend’ list, a much-needed feature to ..

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Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 28th November 2018

Instagram adds automatic image description Whilst the focus for Instagram has always been on images they clearly want to be an app which is inclusive and with around 285 million visually impaired people in the world it would be crazy for them not to cater for their needs. This week the platform announced that they would be adding an automatic alternative text which essentially provides users with the option to add text descriptions of their photos when they upload them. ..

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Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 21st November 2018

Instagram tests new profile changes This week Instagram announced that they were currently testing a variation of profile formats for business and regular users. The new business profiles appear to have a large number of tabs available at the top to help make the customer experience better for users. For example, there are options for ‘message’, ‘follow’, ‘directions’ and ‘start order’ which should all help the process of buying through the platform, somethin..

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