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Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 27th September 2018

LinkedIn launches its new Talent Insight recruitment data platform LinkedIn is already the leading platform for recruitment, so it is not surprising that they are introducing new features to help businesses analysis the ‘talent’ that is out there. Essentially the tool taps into LinkedIn’s database about career development and professional education enabling HR departments to make more informed and strategic decisions about who they employ. The Talent Pool report giv..

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Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 20th September 2018

Twitter gives users the option to choose a chronological timeline We all know that the main social media platforms have changed their algorithms so that the content they deem to be the best and most engaging is shown first in newsfeeds and timelines. The theory is it helps users to see the content which is of most interest to them making the platform more relevant and useful. However, in reality the algorithms don’t always get it right and users have often called for a ret..

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Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 13th September 2018

Instagram tests a new video tagging feature Another week and another update for Instagram and in case you needed it, another reason to start experimenting with video content on the platform. The feature, if introduced after the test, would enable users to alert people to content by tagging them in the video. The list generated would also include anyone who has been tagged as appearing in the video. Essentially it would provide another way to increase distribution and boost e..

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