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Social Media Roundup – 27th June 2018

New features for both Facebook and Instagram Instagram launch IGTV The biggest social media news of the week was the unveiling of IGTV, Instagram’s video content hub focused on videos that last up to 60 minutes in length. It can be accessed directly through the platform using the small TV icon on the Instagram feed home screen or through the IGTV app. One of the features that helps IGTV differ from the other video platforms currently on offer is that it focuses on lo..

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Social Media Roundup – 24th June 2018

Facebook has increased the interactive options   Facebook introduces a new Interactive Video Feature Video has been a key focus for most of the social media platforms in 2018 so there is no surprise that Facebook is continuing to push this feature by adding new options. This week Facebook have announced a new set of interactive video features designed to increase engagement with one of the biggest being an interactive quiz option. This feature, which is currently ..

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Social Media Roundup – 7th June 2018

Instagram explains themselves   Facebook falls below Snapchat and Instagram amongst Teens users. Whilst teenagers may not be your target audience this is an interesting statistic and one that you need to know about. Why? Because it shows a shift in how young people are using social media, because it places a huge focus on image-based platforms and because today’s teenagers will become tomorrows target audience. Knowing where your target audience is on social ..

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